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But if you are ready to get more out of your marriage or relationship, have experienced trauma, struggle with anxiety, or you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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Please observe these COVID-19 Protocols in the Office

For the safety and well-being of all visitors, we ask you observe the following protocols while visiting the office:

  • Please DO NOT come to the office if you are in quarantine due to recent travel, contact tracing, or potential known exposure to someone diagnosed with or showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Please DO NOT come to the office if you are sick, especially if you have a fever, cough, and/or runny nose.
  • If you have not been FULLY Vaccinated, please wear a mask or face covering that covers your entire nose and mouth while in the waiting room.
  • If you are fully vaccinated, your clinician may or may not prefer to have you masked. Please ask and feel free to express your preference.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer and wipes provided to maintain safe and proper hand hygiene.
  • Clinicians will have the option of taking your temperature and/or measuring your pulse oxygen levels and you may be sent home if your temperature exceeds 99.5 degrees or your pulse oxygen is less than 94

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